Éva Kollár worked for the Liszt Ferenc University of Music Budapest as the prof. habil. of the Choir and Orchestra Conducting Faculty. Since 1999. she was the leader of the Choir Conducting Section of the Doctor School of this institution, of the Liszt Academy. She won the Széchenyi Professor Scholarship, than awarded the Liszt  Ferenc-prize in 1994 from the Hungarian State. Further prizes: Csokonai Vitéz Mihály (2011), and the high-class medal of Hungarian Order Commissioned Officier Cross (2015) from the Hungarian State. She is member of the Hungarian Academy of Arts (2010).

Prof. Kollár was the president of the Association of Hungarian Choir and Orchestra - KÓTA for decades before 2012. Currently she is Honorary President. Vice President of the Hungarian Kodály Association. Prof. Kollár was member of the Europa Cantat Music Board and Presidency, nowaday she is consultant member. She was atelier leader of this organization at the big EC Festivals in Marktoberdorf, Barcelona, Pécs, and she also leaded the Atelier on Hungarian Music in Vasion-la Romaine at the Choralies festival (Á Coeur Joie).

Prof. Kollár made research on field of the Hungarian Music History of the 19th Century. Her themes today the voice training in connection of the historical styles en genres. The other subject of her is the relationship between the words – the text and the music („Music of the Language – Language of the Music ”). Prof. Kollár is organizer of numerous musical events, international festivals, conferences, courses, concerts and competitions of conductors. She demonstrates the special method of Hungarian music education (Kodály methode) in everywhere on the World, in European countries, in Japan (Tokyo, Kyoto), in Canada (Edmonton – University – Faculté Saint-Jean).  She is member of international conducting competition Arezzo (I), Bécs (A), Bergen (N), Budapest (H), Cantonigros (E), Cork (IR), Debrecen (H), Gorizia (I), Jihlava (CZ), Maribor (SLO), Marktoberdorf (D), Mechelen (NL), Moszkva (RU), Nagybánya (Baia Mare) (RO), Patras (GR), Pozsony (Bratislava) (SK), Preveza (GR), Rimini (I), Sofia (BG), Sovata (RO), Stockholm-Uppsala (S), Takarazuka (J), Tallinn (EST), Tours (F).

Prof. Kollár held series of lectures in the Hungarian Radio („Madrigal Books of Claudio Monteverdi”, „Recommandation to our choirs”), and writes articles and dissertations to different musical reviwes. She edited the rich anthology for choirs (for mixed and equal voices) from the Hungarian choral works of the 20th century (Athenaeum 2000 – Edition Rózsavölgyi).

Éva Kollár is the founder of the Budapest Monteverdi Choir (1972). For 44 years they won many high-class  prizes at Arezzo, Cork, Camerino, Pécs, Sligo, and first-second prizes in Debrecen, Gorizia, Linz, Llangollen, Praga, Spittal a.d. Drau, Tours, etc.)  The Choir is the founder and organizer of the International Monteverdi Festival. The ensemble is participant of festivals, conferences, concerts both in Hungary and abroad. The choir was first performer of more than 50 new choral works at premiers. 12 CDs, Radio – and TV recordings guard the music of the choir.

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