The Budapest Monteverdi Choir is one of the most famous Hungarian half-professional ensemble, founded (1972) by its artistic leader, Prof. ÉVA KOLLÁR.

The choir begun his carreer as a chamber choir, but during the years it become a nice mixed choir with aptitude of singing from all periods of the European choral music, in the focus, of the Renaissance, the Baroque and the contemporary works. The choir sings as „a cappella” and accompanied repertoir: chansons, madrigals especially by Claudio Monteverdi and by French compositors (Janequin, Sermisy, Bertrand), as well as oratoric works by H. Schütz, J. S. Bach, J. Haydn, W. A. Mozart, M. Duruflé, Ch. Gounod, F. Mendelssohn, J. Brahms, Ferenc Liszt, Béla Bartók and Zoltán Kodály. The conductor of the choir accents also the importance of the folk music arrangments. The repertoire of the Budapest Monteverdi Choir is really large and buoyant.

The choir executed many concert-tours in Europe, quite in every country of the continent. It participated numerous international festivals and competitions, and won many GRAND-PRIX’, first and secund prizes, special diplomes. It is constantly appears in the Hungarian music life. The Budapest Monteverdi Choir executed more than 50 compositions as first performance, made many Radio and TV recordings, and produced 12 CD with his music.

The choir has got many partner-ensembles from Great-Britain, Spain, France, Italia, Germany, The Netherlands, Roumania as well as in Japan and in USA. The choir is founder of the International Monteverdi Festival, till today there were four editions of this high quality choir-meeting. The choir was invited ensemble of many international choral events, like the Europa Cantat Festival in Autun, in Pécs, and was guest of the Choralies in Vaison-la-Romaine.

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